Boston To-Do List – Updated with completion

I’m heading to Boston on 3/6 for the AWP Conference. I’ve been lucky enough to find a free place to stay, which means I’ll have a wee bit o cash left in me pot of gold to spend in and around the city. Here’s what’s on my list of things to do:

Pizza at ‘Nochs in Harvard Square DONE
Beers at Queen’s Head (aka LOKER COMMONS) DONE
Walk through Harvard Yard; visit Mather House DONE
– Check the pile of remainders at Harvard Bookstore DONE
– Peruse tea options in Chinatown (Anyone know any good stores for loose leaf or cheap bagged tea? Also on the lookout for puerh of any kind.)
– Cannoli at Mike’s Pastries
Drinks at Bukowski Tavern DONE
Beers at Lord Hobo DONE
– Beers at Meadhall
– Drinks at Brick and Mortar

What am I missing? I’ll be adding to this list.

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